WFE - Water In Fuel Emulsion Unit

...reduces NOx / PM emissions

With the WFE the combustion process will be improved with following steps:
  1. Injection of Water in fuel emulsion - a lot of small water droplets (<5µm) coated with oil
  2. Water evaporates due to high temperature - creates micro exposions - fuel cloud - smaller droplets
  3. Create more reacting surface for fuel and oxygen - optimized combustion - reduced PM emission
  4. Cooling combustion process - lower combustion temperature - reduced NOX emissions
 WFE Features and Benefits:
  • Create stable Water-Fuel-Emulsion with HFO/MDO
  • Improved combustion process (reduce NOX/PM emissions)
  • Fully automatically controlled emulsification
  • Compact and modular design (freely customizable per customer request)
  • Small footprint
  • Reduce surface layers on parts of combustion/exhaust gas system
Compact and modular design:
The WFE unit can be designed freely per customer request - application for new buildings and retrofits
WFE modules are:
Water Supply Module           WSM         
with or without water tank                       fully automated tank control
Water Preheating Module WPM steam or electrical preheater fully automated control
Stabilizer Module SM add Stabilizer (for light fuels) fully automated control
Water-Fuel-Homogenizer WFH homogenizing water in fuel fully monitoring control
WFE Control Cabinet WFECC
PLC/touch screen/monitoring system/
data record & transfer

Here we offer you even further material for downloading:

Prospect WFE

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