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Water in Oil sensor (WIO)

With the PAJ WIO200 a sensor for shipping was developed, which can be determine the water content (saturation/ppm) in the lubricating oil. The water-in-oil-sensor can detect the water activity in the lubricating oil of propulsion machinery and other applications.

Especially in large diesel engines, and 2-strike crosshead engines, it is of great importance that the lubricating oil has a consistently high quality. An essential part quality monitoring of the oil is that the oil does not exceed the allowable limits.

Exceeding the limits of water in oil can have many causes. For example, defective colling systems, excessive humidity, leaks in the shaft bearings, etc. Too high water saturation in oils leads to corrosion of machine parts and the destruction of lubricating properties (bearing damage!).

The traditional determination of the oil quality is to analyze samples. This can be done with suitable test equipment on board or in a laboratory. This means the results are not immediately available.

PAJ 001This test method has several disadvantages:

  • •The test sample contains only a small amount and is not a representative of all the oil.
  • •It takes some time elapses before the report is available.
  • •It is not timely test
  • •The test is dependent on the experience of the tester.
  • •The damage has already occurred before the test report is present, because there was too much water in the oil.

With the installation of a PAJ WIO200, water in oil sensor in your lube oil system, the disadvantages are avoided.

PAJ 002Characteristics of the PAJ WIO200:

  • •The total amount of oil is measured (or bypass flow)
  • •Around the Clock is measured (24/7)
  • •Regardless of the crew and their experience, the measurement in high quality
  • •The WIO200 gives a timely alarm for limit exceeded
  • •Connection to automation systems through voltage-free contacts or 4-20mA outputs
  • The crew immediately intervenes to avoid machine damage.
  • Thus, the crew can immediately intervene to avoid machine damage.

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