ViscomasterTM series

The Viscomaster and the new Viscomaster Dynamic transmitters are a major innovation in the Viscosity-and Density measurement of all types of fuel oil that supply engines, turbines and marine burners.
Viscomaster Dynamic:
Designed as a direct alternative to conventional fuel viscometers, the Viscomaster Dynamic is calibrated over the range of 0.5 to 50 cP and gives direct viscosity and temperature outputs. It can be programmed with a fuel density reading (typically from suppliers data or a laboratory sample) to enable it to output a calculated kinematic viscosity. This removes the need to inaccurately fix a fuel density value as other viscometer manufacturers require.
Calibrated over the range 0.5 to 100 cP with a full density calibration, the Viscomaster measures the FO density and viscosity simultaneously in real time with unprecedented accuracy and speed of response. Its twin, fully configurable analog outputs allow the transmission of any two specific parameters such as kinematic viscosity, density, base density and temperature amongst others. Customers can now log real time data on a range of fuel quality factors such as referred viscosity and Ignition Index, which are invaluable aids in maintaining engine performance.
viscomaster 300
Viscomaster / Viscomaster Dynamic Features:
  • Stable and accurate in-line measurement
  • Simultaneous on-line Viscosity and Density outputs
  • (Viscomaster gives continuous on-line density measurement)
  • Designed for marine environment
  • Rugged design, no moving parts
  • Simple installation
  • Vibrating fork principle
  • Internal PT100
  • Two head-mounted integral 4-20mA outputs
  • Stable calibration
  • Worldwide marine approvals
  • Retrofit kits available

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