In general, it can be said that, for all technical processes, wear, material fatigue, ageing and corrosion, all reduce both the availability and efficiency of the equipment being used. It is especially in the field of engines and propulsion technology, that examination and testing are vitally important.

Anwendung TanksAn excellent example is the wear and tear of injection nozzles and cylinder liners. Changes in the injection mixture caused by worn injection nozzles, lead to decreased combustion efficiency.

This results in increased exhaust-gas emissions and an increase in fuel consumption. Inspection of the injection caps and valves, via the scavenging air slits, reduces maintenance time and saves costs – e.g., for gasket sets which then do not need to be replaced.

Anwendung LaufbuchseEngine down-times can thus be avoided, environmental requirements adhered to and the availability of the engine system increased. This condition-monitoring can be performed using visual inspection equipment.

The use of such instruments allows us to precisely determine both the condition and the wear and tear of the engine components.

The advantages of this kind of inspection lie in the fact that, by using appropriate methods and techniques, the procedures can mainly be carried out with a minimum of disassembly and component destruction.

The results of the inspection can then easily be forwarded by e-mail – in this way an expert opinion can be quickly obtained from the appropriate authority.



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