Multigauge 5600
...rugged and simple thickness measurement

The Multigauge 5600 is a simple, robust ultrasonic thickness gauge, which ideally can be used for tests of residual metal levels in industrial and marine applications.

Multigauge 5700 Gauge Body SThe easy-to-use keypad and bright (illuminated) LCD display allows the use in all lighting conditions.

A calibration on non Fe metals can be easily performed by entering the velocity of sound or by calibration to a known work piece.

The rugged body with rubber protects it against damage.

The Multigauge 5600 measures with ultrasonic and the triple echo measurement technique through the coating only the metal thickness. Thus, a measurement of the remaining metal thickness without grinding or flexing is possible.

The connected probe is automatically recognized by the device (IPR) including the stored calibration data. Without calibration the probes can be replaced!

The triple echo measurement technique is in acc. to IACS Guidelines for measurements in the marine area required. Relevant certificated are available!

Scope of supply:


  • Multigauge 5600 with bright LED display
  • measure cable 1,5m
  • 15mm test block
  • spare membranes
  • ultrasonic gel
  • membrane oil
  • batteries
  • Manual
  • calibration certificate
  • probe (frequenz and diameter selectable)
  • belt clip
  • carry case

Optional we offer a leather case to protect the gauge.

Here we offer you even further material for downloading:



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