Thickness measurement

The ultrasonic thickness measurement is a routine measurement of each vessel and plant operators, which periodically review the condition of the hull, tanks, pipes and hatch. This constant monitoring are vital to maintain the safety of the ship and her crew. Vessels often suffer the most severe cases of metal wastage due to the corrosiveness of salt water.

Pipelines Tritex-klThe equipment in our product range for ultrasonic thickness measurements are used to measure metal thickness, without removing the paint before. This makes the measurements easier without prior preparations, e.g. polish the painted surface and reduces therefore the measuring time.

This measurement can detected corrosion damage and retaliatory actions can be taken.

We offer a large range of equipment for ultrasonic thickness measurements:

Simple Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Ultrasonic thickness gauge for underwater applications

Ultrasonic thickness gauge with datalogging

Wall thickness and sound velocity meter with integrated memory

Here we offer you even further material for downloading:

Certificate ultrasonic thickness measurement:

Quality and Performance Certificate
IACS Thickness Gaugung Regulations
DNV Thickness Gaugung Regulations

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