STU - Sludge Treatment Unit

...reduces sludge, safes fuel costs

The STU is capable and proven to lead back up to 75% of sludge amount to combustion process. It turns asphaltene clusters back into burnable fuel off approx. 5µm droplet size without clogging effect on filters.
Uniform and fine spray pattern during injection results in more complete burning with reduced harmful exhaust emissions.
STU Features: 
  • Sludge treatment on board
  • Sludge contains bunkered fuel energy
  • Increased amount of burnable fuel
  • Avoid excessive fuel oil sludge
STU Benefits:
  • Direct saving potential of fuel costs
  • Reduce/eliminate disposal costs
  • Reduces fees for discharging sludge ashore
  • Satisfy IOPP Certificate requirements
Components STU:
Homogenizer with Feed Pump
homogenizer green

Here we offer you even further material for downloading:

Prospect STU

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