Overspeed Tester-Simulator (OTM)
...just a simple Overspeed test

Overspeed protection devices are in combustion engines with a cylinder power >220 kW required by classification societies.

OTM-Bild-3The Overspeed protection devices shall protect engines against damage by exceeding of RPM limits.

A variety of safety-relevant operation parameters, e.g. decreasing lubricating oil pressure, can be simulated easily and check the switching points.

A check of Overspeed protection device as required in the annual engine inspection is not as easy to implement.

A starting of Overspeed, for set point and control function, is usually not possible (fixed pitch propeller) or dangerous.

Knowledge of these problems means that the Overspeed tests do not carried out or very limited.

Here we can improve the situation and offer the Overspeed simulator/tester (OTM)


  • Test of input signals (pickup test)
  • Overspeed test is possible at any speed
  • Overspeed test even possible at engine stop
  • Plausibility test signals during the Overspeed test
  • 30 types of machines in the device memory and programmable
  • The unit is supplied with engine specific set of plugs
  • Engine specific programming in the delivery

Here we offer you even further material for downloading:

OTM Leaflet uk
How the OTM is working?

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