Fuel Performance Recorder (FPR)

The Fuel Performace Recorder (FPR) is a cost-effective real-time system to monitor and log fuel consumption on board of ocean vessels running on HFO or marine diesel. FPR is designed to bring fuel consumption data into relation with other related parameters.
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Fuel Performace Recorder (FPR)Features:
  • Highest accuracy
  • Density or temperature compensated fuel consumption
  • Data collection close to the sensors (usually in the engine control room)
  • All data will be stored in a database for export and graphical comparison later on
  • Integrated web-server allows remote access from any other PC on board
  • Integration with Fuel-Performance Analyser, a modern trip data evaluation tool
  • Transparent view of each vessel
  • Easy retrofit
  • Multiple sensor signals are processed and stored in one tool
Fuel Performace Recorder (FPR) Benefits:
  • Better analysis result with higher savong potentials
  • Full transparency and safety of data
  • Full flexibility for any kind of existing analysing tolls
  • Convenience
  • Fleet Management can compare vessel performance
  • Lowest commissioning and installation costs
  • Compact overview
Example for a System integration:
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Here we offer you even further material for downloading:

Prospect FPR

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