Fuel Monitoring Unit (CFM-S)

The fuel monitoring unit CONTOIL® CFM-S, is a unit where flow meter signals are displayed and stored. With it`s integrated web server all data can be monitored by any PC on board through TCP/IP (LAN). CFM-S is upgradable to the FPR-System.
fpr-600 180x138
Fuel Monitoring Unit CFM-S Features:
  • Fits to any pipe and engine concept
  • Individual view of engines
  • Overall and individual trip data as well as noon-to-noon reports
  • Integrated web-server allows remote access from any PC
  • Data transfer via Ethernet to other onboard equipment
  • Simple data storage of main parameters and daily reports on memory cards
  • Tamper-proof measurement
  • Tested and proven system
  • Highest guaranteed system accuracy with CONTOIL® fuel flow meters
  • Temperature compensated fuel consumption
Fuel Monitoring Unit CFM-S Benefits:
  • Low installation costs
  • Short down-time period (during berthing)
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Can be used with already installed meters
  • Lowest commissioning costs through guided setup
Example for a System integration:
grafik cfm s 577x550

Here we offer you even further material for downloading:

Prospect CFM-S

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