leutert logo 376x39Peak Pressure Indicator Type MSI-3


The LEUTERT peak pressure indicator MSI-3 is designed for displaying the maximum value of gas pressures which are subject to constant and rapid variations. The device is particularly suitable for applicational tasks on Diesel engines.
Leutert Engine Indicators are used on diesel engines, gas engines, air compressors, pumps, etc. The Peak Pressure Indicator MSI–3 serves for indicating the maximum value of rapidly varying gas pressures. The instrument is hallmarked by simple operation and a high degree of instrumental precision in all speed ranges. Its sturdy design makes it immune to vibrations requiring extremely low maintenance..peak pressure indicator msi3 t

Peak Pressure Indicator Type MSI-3 Features:

  • Measuring up to 250 bar
  • Easy handling
  • High accuracy in all speed ranges
  • Insensitiv to vibration
  • Stell-manometer in safety construction




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