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The electronic indicator DPI measures the combustion pressures.

It can be seen as the electronic equivalent of our range of mechanical indicators. In contrast to the mechanical indicator the DPI allows to measures independent to the engine speed.

This means one gauge for main engine and auxilary engine.   dpi-type50 drucksensor142x213
If precise digital pressure measurements of your ship’s engines are needed, the DPI is the ideal instrument. The hand-held is ready-to-use, is very simple to operate and lets you experience all the benefits of digital measurement.
With the included Windows PC software, measurements can be archived, mailed or used to analyze the engines using the many sophisticated data visualizations.


The DPI is a powerful and easy-to-use electronic indication device. A specially developed measuring procedure allows a high-accuracy level of the power measuring , without crank angle sensors. The DPI is a high quality product which can be characterized by its long life components as well as being absolutely user friendly.

The system contains the basic components:

  • Hand-held data acquisition unit,
  • quartz pressure sensor and
  • analyzing software
  • USB charging cable
  • data cable

The measuring method of the DPI is as follows:
Choose the engine on the hand held. Blow out the indicator valve and connect the pressure sensor with the standard indicator valve.  While the measuring series is being recorded, the data can be read off the LC display of the DPI hand-held. After that, the data sets are saved to memory and can be transferred to the PC via the USB interface. The data may be evaluated and administered with the DPI software.  

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