Engine Indicator (MIP system)

Since more than 100 years it’s a common practice to measure and analyze the combustion process on diesel and steam engines. This has been done for a very long time with mechanical indicators. These indicators has been recorded a pressure versus time/ crankshaft movement draw card on wax paper. Since the early 80’s the mechanical indicators has been replaced by electronic engine indicator, so called MIP systems.
DSC00454resized-klBecause of increasing fuel prices and increasing engine efficiency as well as extreme high pressure rising rates in the combustion process it has been noticed that the demand for high accurate and reliable MIP systems has increased. The data of the combustion process are more and more important for optimizing the maintenance and repair of the engine. With electronical MIP systems the information’s can be sent without long time delay ashore via email. This allows to plan necessary repairs in time before the ship stays in port.
Major information’s such as load balance of the engine, Pmax observation and timing of the combustion process can easily be analyzed on board or in the superintendence. This minimize the down time and leads to higher availability of the engine. Beside an easy user interface MIP systems should offer high accurate pressure readings and high resolution crank angle measurements. The different’s in between low costs MIP systems and high accurate analyzing is the resolution of said readings.
We offer a range of engine Indicator:
Electronic Indicator
Mechanical Indicator

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