...simply blending and changeover of fuels

The purpose of the DIESEL SWITCH , is a safe and automatic change over from HFO  fuel to MDO/MGO and vice versus.
Additionally the DIESEL SWITCH allows blending of fuel according to permitted sulphure content in corresponding Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA/ECA).
The DIESEL SWITCH will automatically proceed a controlled change over or blending process with digital data storage of all relevant parameters in combination with an approved Fuel Change Over Record Book, incl. GPS, position.
Documentation of fulfilling the SECA/ECA rules can easily be done.
DIESEL SWITCH Features and Benefits:dieselswitch cabinet236x200
  • Automatic fuel change-over or blending
  • Simplest and universal design / turn key product
  • Optimised control algorithm of fuel temperatures
  • Fuel record book (blend or change over)
  • Potential saving of MDO costs because of optimizing the HFO/MDO change over time (and vice versus )
  • Economical benefit, when operating Blend Fuel in SECA
  • No need to bunker more than 2 fuel qualities because of integrated blend function
  • Minimize risk of incidents, where frequent changeover is necessary due to vessels trading route
  • type approved (GL) pending
Because of simple and universal design the DIESEL SWITCH is easy to install.
Scope of supply DIESEL SWITCH:
  • Completely assembled and tested system as wall mounted
  • and fittings for the installation of the fuel system
  • Documentation
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